Read what people are saying about Jill Bernard's solo improv show "Drum Machine":

"Drum Machine is an improv event unlike any other. Miss Bernard redefines herstory with guile, giddiness and grace. Educational and inspirational. Let the rhythm move you!"
-Eric Hart
The As Is Syndicate Theatre Company
Toronto, ON

"Jill Bernard's Drum Machine meshes history and modern culture into a wild, anachronistic rock opera. Drum Machine demonstrates what improvisational theater can be when a creative person pushes it to its limits. Bernard earned standing ovations from our audiences and left us all truly impressed."

-Eric Caldwell
Morally Improv-erished
Juneau, AK

"It’s hard to tell what is more wonderful, Jill Bernard’s entertaining and innovative one-woman show “Drum Machine” or the fantastic and hilarious performance abilities of the internationally renowned improv artist Ms. Bernard herself. This original show begins with an audience participation segment that gets even the most hard to please audience clapping and singing along with both Jill Bernard and her electronic drum machine. Then, Jill gets from the audience a historical time period to create the rest of the show from. Having seen her one-woman show several times, in different cities and countries, part of what makes Jill’s show so amazing is that I’ve never seen her stumped by any time period that an audience can throw at her. From her vast knowledge of history, Jill creates several indelible characters, a multi-threaded storyline, original songs, all the while throwing in great period details that the audience forgot it knew until Jill performs it. By the end of the show, the audience has been happily taken on a phantasmagorical journey that always ends joyfully. Over the course of 45 minutes, Jill entertains, informs, and moves the audience all in her delightful way that comes from her unique sensibilities of the very talented and experienced Minneapolis based improv artist. Over the last two years, I’ve been proud to present Jill’s Drum Machine as part of CIF’s Solo category and watched as both times she stole the show. Jill is professional and easy to work with and I heartily recommend both her and her show."

-Jonathan Pitts,
Executive Director, Chicago Improv Festival

"I had the opportunity to see Drum Machine at the Toronto Improv Festival while performing my own one woman show FLaKE.

Ms. Bernard takes one person improv comedy to a new level. With a mixture of audience participation and the simple accompainment of a electronic Drum Machine...Ms. Bernard weaves story and music efortlessly. It was an incredible show to watch full of laughs! A true audience favorite. And a true innovation in improvisational one person performance."

-Shaun Landry
San Francisco Improv Festival
San Francisco, CA

"Jill Bernard's Drum Machine is a perfect peice of theatre. Ms.
Bernard's improvisation skills and adeptness for story-telling are
matched only by her razor sharp with and ability to charm an audience"

-Jan Caruana
Joey Poon
Bad Dog Theatre Company

Jill Bernard's "DRUM MACHINE" is the plum in our Female Funnyfest's Pudding. Just when a week of performances by brilliant, funny women feels like it couldn't get any
better, the divine Ms. Bernard flys into Philadelphia, graces our stage and destroys any preconcieved notions about what is possible in terms of improv, music, funny
and female. Our local NBC station here says "Jill Bernard IS an improvised musical comedy," and she sure is. And so much more. Our only problem with Jill is we can't get enough of her and we can't convince her to move here!!

-Karen Getz, Kelly Jennings
Co-Producers, Philadelphia's Annual Female Funnyfest

"Watching Jill Bernard take the stage is unavoidable. She is punk and charm rolled up in a tortilla of charisma. Jill takes the audience with her on a thrashing, beat driven journey through her own imagination and insanity."

- Jesse Parent
Jesse Parent
Salt Lake City, UT

"Jill Bernard is one of those rare performers that ignites everyone in the room. She is magnetic with endless talent and humour. I took her workshop last year and can't remember when I've had so much fun. Jill is a brilliant artist that will take you beyond your preconcieved boundaries."
Madi Distefano
Barrymore Award Nominated Actress and Playwright
Philadephia, PA

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